Because it's Monday: Let's Enjoy a Time Lapse Hemi Rebuild

Chrysler did not invent the hemispherical combustion chamber, but they did do more than any other company to promote it—to actually make the Hemi a thing. The use of a hemispherical, or domed combustion chamber, goes way back, to even before the inception of Chrysler. Its benefits were exploited on Fiat Grand Prix racers, Stutz sports cars and others well before WWI.
The advantage of the design over that of the alternative wedge head is in valve size and commensurate breathing. A wedge head’s valve size is limited to what can fit side by side within the space of the bore. A Hemi, on the other hand, spaces its valves on either side of the dome, allowing for bigger openings and better gas flow both in and out.
This video, from our friends at Hagerty, shows the breakdown and reassembly of a Chrysler FirePower Hemi that they say came out of a Chrysler New Yorker with a tree growing out of it.It gives an excellent overview of how a Hemi works and the ingenious head design that allows space for pushrods, rockers, big-ass valves and spark plugs all seemingly in the same place. We’ve seen their work previously on a Ford Flathead rebuild and this one is just as awesome.
Source: Hagerty

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2 responses to “Because it's Monday: Let's Enjoy a Time Lapse Hemi Rebuild”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    Rad. I love the buit-in-place intake and the extra Hemi they had lying around to tack up the exhaust on. “Yeah, we just keep a Hemi long block around for reference… doesn’t get in the way too much.”

  2. Lokki Avatar

    Very cool. The thing that amazed me most though was how clean their hands stay while working on that old engine.