Because it's Monday: Here's Something to Rave About

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 8.10.00 AM
Do you feel like dancing? I said, DO YOU FEEL LIKE DANCING? No? Well then, it must not be the feeling. That’s okay though because you can still enjoy the Pantera in this music video from the UK Electronica band Nero.
It Must Be The Feeling comes off of their 2012 debut album and sets the De Tomaso sports car in a futuristic city in a dystopian society. Who doesn’t love that? Love it, and maybe dance your ass off, right after the jump.
Image: Vimeo

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  1. Mister Sterling Avatar
    Mister Sterling

    This is making me look at the Kia Niro ad campaign differently. Did some ad man in Seoul get inspired by the Nero music video?

  2. ninjabortion Avatar

    I’ll watch almost any music video starring pop up lights and night driving…