Be Just Like MFP's Jim Goose, Except Without Horribly Disfiguring Burns

While many people regard Mad Max and its ilk as the best Australian post-apocalyptic police car movies ever made, sometimes its easy to forget the role that two-wheeled contraptions played in the mayhem. Take Jim Goose’s Z1000, lovingly recreated by Japan’s Whitehouse motorcycle shop. [youtube][/youtube] Kawasaki donated 14 Z1000s to the shooting of the original Max Max film, one being modified into a Main Force Patrol “Kwaka” (possibly for trademark reasons? Strange, because the bikes were donated …) driven by the happy-go-lucky Jim Goose. The rest went to Toecutter’s gang of sadistic misfits, who after sabotaging the aforementioned Z1000 proceeded to ambush and then flambé poor Goose. The video above will refresh your memory, at least, about just how awesome the “Kwaka” was. Now feast your eyes on what Whitehouse used to build (only the kit pieces are sold presently, apparently), provided you sent them enough yen to fill up a Mitsuoka Newt. Plus, as you can see in the brochure scan below, they could build you a mini-Kwaka for your Fozzie Bear-loving spawn, a helmet that you could definitely wear to a lot of SOMA clubs in SF, and (on their website) even a “Jim Goose” logo sticker! Since my Japanese is nonexistant, and I’m trusting the Google translation feature to help me out, if you really want your own MFP Kwaka you’d best get in touch with Whitehouse and figure out exactly what the deal is. One more thing – I’m pretty sure the Goose stickers are still for sale. If you happen to get your hands on one, send an email to and let us know. Bonus points for any Bozosaku-style MFP adaptations that sport the sticker! Images courtesy of Whitehouse

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