AutoTrader Find of the Week: BMW 850 CSi

Back when the Wolves of Wall Street and Motorola DynaTAC “brick” phones were the mainstream of yuppie society, we celebrate a wonderful example from a German automaker. The BMW 850 CSi (CSi standing for Coupe Sport Injection) was a BMW Motorsports derived version of the E31 8- Series Grand Tourer.

This 1994 CSi Powered by a  S70 V12 engine, it develops 380 horsepower and 402 lb-ft of torque in current trim. A 6-Speed Getrag manual transmission is the only offering for this top-tier model…

and this one is for sale.

This fine red example sports a relatively low 50,000 miles according to the listing:

This 1994 BMW 850 CSI is one of 225 produced for the North American Market. It has always been garaged and has spent a majority of its life in California. Currently resides in a heated garage in New Jersey. It does not get driven in the elements. It is all original and in pristine condition. Includes HAMANN wheels ($7000). Also includes the original M-TECHNIQUE wheels, in perfect condition. Just serviced by BMW. All records on file. Pictures will tell the story. 

Being a 20 year old German V12 high performance coupe, the mechanical and electronic gremlins are sure to show their faces many times during the tenure of the next owner. Even with the limited numbers produced for the US domestic market, $58,500 does seem a bit of a stretch.

But with that rarity, comes exclusivity

Still, is it really enough for this car to move on to its next owner? This is a lot of money we’re talking about, and I could think of a dozen other cars that might be a better suited purchase in the areas of performance, practicality, reliability, and common sense. Even the lesser V8 models in very clean condition can be had for under $15,000 with comparable mileage.

But there’s always something about a V12 Autobahn Blaster and with the manual transmission isn’t there?

[Source: Auto Trader]

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