At Least They'll Find You Handy: Homemade Tools

Ever felt like you wanted a nice car door dolly or planishing hammer, but you just couldn’t afford one? Ever want to build a chassis for your hot rod from scratch, but you just didn’t have a frame jig?  Well, you are in luck, there is a new online resource that will help you accomplish that project you’ve been working on.  Although, it will likely result in a few new projects of its own.  

Click through to get your Red Green on.

The website is called and it details everything from simple air tool racks and funnel drainage systems to elaborate band saws and parts washers.  The common thread?  You can build them all.

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Some you can build with no effort or skills, like this chain-towing shock absorber.  Other items are going to take a bit more skill and equipment, such as the bead roller in the photo below. 

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 Whether you build any of these tools or not, this website is worth spending some time.  At the least, you will enjoy the ingenuity of the people who dream these tools up.  Some will leave you wondering why you didn’t think of that, others will make you feel like you’ve been working with crayons. 

A simple spreader for battery terminals. 

Now get out there and build something!  (…and when you do, be sure to share it with the citizens of the hooniverse.)



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