At First Sight: 1971 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

I’ve spent the fair majority of my motoring life loathing the Corvette. Maybe that’s unfair to the car. After all, GM’s darling has nearly always represented a down-right insane performance bargain, but to me, that was always overshadowed by the cars’ owners. I don’t need to pontificate on any stereotypes here, but I just couldn’t see myself being a part of the ‘Vette club. Lately that’s been changing though. While I still don’t have any interest in sourcing some kind of numbers-matching, well-documented time piece, I sure as hell wouldn’t mind laying my grubby paws on a V8 drop-head to play with. And this particular example, with its fistfuls of patina, no fuss 350 and 4-speed manual gearbox, has me by the heart strings. Yes, the asking price is section eight material, but no one’s perfect. I’d leave the paint just as is, rework the suspension and brakes and smile with glee as the Corvette Registry put a mark on my head for such blasphemy. Found on Craigslist.

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