Are you smarter than a fifth-grader: KSL Classifieds Edition

after market bagedless grill
If you don’t know by now, I live in Utah (save the Mormon jokes, heard them all, invented a few of my own) and I LOVE to surf the classified section on KSL (one of our local news outlets).  It’s kind of like a local craigslist but heavier on the bandwidth and script errors.  And although a schload of ads come through everyday, most are your typical 19xx-2009 Forchevodge Accormryotaburu type stuff.  Occasionlly I stumble upon a gem like the LeMons 2-fer.  Today however, I found a heavily modified GTI built by a fifth grader… Ok, so I don’t know that this fella is an actual fifth grader, but he definately has the edjucashun of a fifth grader.  Ok, scratch that, my daughter is in 4th grade and has more insightful, intelligent, meaningful conversations with her 6 year-old cousin than this guy could ever dream of having with a burlap sack full of hammers, though I bet he could probably color his way out of a Little Mermaid book.  I could go on and on but I will let this genius speak for himself:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REDUSED PRICE IM MOVEING MUST SALE!!!!!!!!!!!Its a 86′ GTI prodject that i did but im not quit finished yet it needs a little more work but nothin major jus the insides it was supposed to be a racer thats y i dont have the back seats in it but the driver an passenger seats r brandnew racing bucket seats it has a brandnew matlicsilver paint job, bandnew shift linkage,its lowered (60/40) one of a kind custom front end after market bagedless grill, HID front lights , the tale lights are smoked it has new clutch in it,brand new dule exhaust,new steerin wheel Only 100,000 original miles,the guage cluster it says 180 its because i replaced it with a new one.YOU ARE WELCOME TO COME TEST DRIVE IT ANY TIME .ILL TAKE BEST OFFER.If you need more pics or information give me a call anytime Thank You for lookin at my add

To summarize:

  • This is an 86′ GTI prodject
  • brandnew everything
  • finished in matlicsilver (obviously not on the market yet)
  • bagedless grill
  • some sort of high-end (fairy?) tale lights
  • state-of-the-art dule exhaust

in case u wer wonderin wut it luked lik befor he gradjeated
Seriously, this car has it all!  How could you go wrong for $2500?  With all the unique, one-of-a-kind upgrades this kid has done, you would be stupid not to buy it. Find the ad here

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