Apex every(shirt): Blipshift sells 20 classic shirts this weekend only

The headline and photo pretty much say it all, but it bears repeating: Our buddies over at Blipshift are in fact selling these 20 shirts through Monday and only through Monday for their Apex Everything 2015 Sale. Since they normally only sell once T-shirt design per week, this is kind of a big deal for those who missed “The World is Flat” or “I am the one who knocks” the first time around. Just so they’re not selling the same shirt twice, Blipshift is offering each one in a different color from the original, which also gives those who already have one of these shirts the chance to match colors and justify buying more automotive apparel. If you buy five shirts, you get two pairs of casual dress socks with turbos and flat sixes on them. You want that. I want that. We all want that.
Buy Blipshift Swag Here.
[Image courtesy of Blipshift]

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  1. nanoop Avatar

    Thanks for pointing this out – shipping is 19 bucks to Norway, so I never order a single shirt and wait for these multi-shirt specials.
    Pro-tipp: the heavy duty shirts survive occasional trips in the dryer, and last way longer than the standard version.

  2. Jason Hopkins Avatar
    Jason Hopkins

    I ordered “world is flat” and DJ footwork this morning. Can’t wait!

  3. Bradley Brownell Avatar
    Bradley Brownell

    I never understood why the Porsche speedster has a rubber ducky. Can anyone explain that to me?
    I might order some shirts I already have in different colors.
    I hope they eventually do another reprint of “The Hoon” because I’ve missed out on that one twice now…

    1. hwyengr Avatar

      Because it looks like a bathtub.