Another Look At A Junkyard Stroll With This olelongrooffan

The Art of The Automotive Lifestyle show down on toney Beach Street is happening this weekend here in the World Center of Racing, this olelongrooffan figured I would wind up posting some more of the images I gathered a few weeks ago at that junkyard up in northern Indiana. Kind of a Junkyard Truck Friday posting, if you will.

I was lucky enough to spot what remains of the Studebaker Champ.  It has been a while since I have seen one and that one was at a car show out at the track.  I would suspect that relay I spotted on the cowl is in no way related to this Champ.

This ole GMC cabover is surprisingly complete and in overall good shape for a rare truck dating from the mid 60’s.

And I had to include this rusty ole Willys Station Wagon because it is in the same shape as many I have seen here in the Sunshine State.

No Parts to be removed from this one also.

It appears this longroof lived some of its life in the Windy City. Probably explains all the rust.

And a vintage old straight truck. Can’t remember if it’s a Chevy or GMC. Not a whole lot of difference between them anyway.

My older brother has a short school bus of this same vintage.

Some random old truck that I don’t have a lot of recollection of seeing.

On one post a week or so ago, one of the commentors knew of this junkyard and mentioned they got into trouble several years back for burying tow trucks on their land. I spotted at least a half dozen or so remaining on their lot. One of them was this old International.

On the passenger side front fender was this gas tank fill opening. I thought it was odd as the fuel cell on old trucks are normally located behind the front seat.

I opened the passenger side door and spotted the heater seen in the above image under the dash. I am going to guess that this was a gas powered heater and that was the fill nozzle for it.

And that old truck has been resting there quite a while given the size of the tree growing through the bed of it.

Here are a few more abandoned tow trucks, including a vintage old Dodge.

This olelongrooffan was sure surprised to see the old panel truck. I used to own one just like it when I was in my late teens. One ton, long bed and

it also had 17″ wheels way before they were cool. I drove that sucker from the Ozarks to north Florida and Hooned it around the panhandle before it died a slow death.

It was identical to this and even had the six cylinder with a four speed transmission.  Up to this point, I had never seen another one like it. Sure brought back some old 420 induced memories of that ole beast.

And just for my brother, thejeepjunkie, I had to gather this image of a vintage CJ3B. Another rare old Jeep that is not seen around much anymore.

As I was riding co pilot in that bigasstruck that week, I spotted this COE sitting nearly all by its lonesome out in that junkyard and that sighting is what prompted me to talk the boss into letting take a stroll through this old place.

This thing has certainly seen better days. The owner had it set up as a portable welder and it was definitely used as a truck should be.

It was pretty banged up and the doors were literally falling off of it.

And this olelongrooffan is certainly glad that I wasn’t around when whatever came flying off that engine did so and punched a huge hole in the hood of it.  I’m thinking the owner/operator was probably scared half to death when this happened.

As I was finishing up my afternoon stroll, I can across this vintage Jeep Cherokee and had to gather a couple images of it.

The sight of this thing immediately brought to my mind Hooniverse overlord Mad Science who has one of these out there on the Left Coast. If I remember correctly his is a four door though.

This one is remarkably complete and looks like you could just air up the tires and be on your way. Wishful thinking on my part though.

That’s it for now. I’ll be gathering a bunch of images from that car show and sharing them with my fellow Hoons over the next week or so. Ya’ll have fun, Ya hear.

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