Another Dubiously Valuable Twofer: Dinan Turbo e28 5-Series with Free 535is Thrown In

dinan turbo e28 bmw 535bmw 535 is for sale
None of you seem to be getting it. When we brought you the bargain bounty that was two Jensens for $8500, all you did was complain about British electrical bits and hard-to-find parts. You need to look past these minor hindrances. Today we present another opportunity for you to own two cars as part of one deal: buy one Dinan turbo-ed e28, get a second e28 for free!
The Dinan-turboed e28 seems like a sweet car in great condition, putting out somewhere near 400hp on a top-to-bottom rebuilt 3.5L m30. The seller claims it’ll run toe-to-toe with an e39 M5 with an old lady at the wheel. Seems like it’s got great potential as a sleeper.
bmw 535 is for saledinan turbo e28 bmw 535
Things get more interesting as check the seller’s feedback rating you scroll down. Included for “free” with this sale is a 4-speed auto equipped 535is. It’s got nearly a quarter-million miles on the clock, which is about the threshold for needing to worry about the German equivalent of the Chevy small-block. This is, of course, a moot point because the obvious answer here is to run away screaming LeMons. With a “$0” starting value, you could build that 535 to be quite the track terror. These days, all the cool teams are running automatic BMWs.
It’s currently sitting a $5,00 with no bids: 1984 BMW 5-Series DINAN TURBO on eBay Motors

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  1. muthalovin Avatar

    i think THE BIG PIKCHA! needs to be a tag.

  2. BGW Avatar

    The wheels on the turbo car have to go, but other than that, you had me at "2 e28s."

    1. Dr_Dangerously Avatar

      You had me at "Turbo"

      1. Tim Odell Avatar
        Tim Odell

        Alas, the hedline didn't draw you in, then.

  3. Alff Avatar

    At the risk of being politically incorrect, I would expect much larger wheels on a "tubro", and maybe a big Red Hots logo as well.

    1. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      I have no idea what you're talking about ; )

      1. Alff Avatar

        The Fargo Forum is looking for a reporter. Interested?

  4. sport_wagon Avatar

    This is the deal of the century. Must . . . resist . . . urge . . . to . . . bid.

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  6. Meg Whitman Avatar

    This place truly keeps on getting bigger every time I show up. You should really be happy.