Another Cars & Coffee

You’ve seen lots of posts from the Cars & Coffee event that occurs every Saturday morning in the former Ford PAG parking lot in Irvine. Lesser known, but with just as fantastic an attendance  is the Montrose CA C&C. I talked my Father in Law (all you car nuts should be so lucky as to have a father in law like mine) to get up before dawn, pull the 1950 Jaguar XK120 out of the nine-car garage, and bomb up the 210 fwy for what was one of the best Saturday mornings in recent memory. Here’s some shots from the event- I apologize for the quality, I couldn’t find the camera and had to fall back on the iPhone for the pics – which will hopefully encourage some other So-Cal residents to get up early and make the trek to the foothill community to view some fabulous iron. Check out the gallery below- that ’34 Vicky is something special- it has Jag suspension- front and rear, as well as Lincoln Mark VIII V8 and some wicked woodtone painted metal on the interior. The supercharged Navarro flathead with twin solex two-barrels powers a ’46  coupe, and the little Lagonda engine is a 1.5 litre four that is also supercharged. The Countach and the 300SL made an interesting contrast, and the yellow Cobra really wasn’t- its fiberglass body indicating that it was a Canadian Aurora or a kit. Overall it was a wonderful, eclectic showing, and one that Hooniverse will be returning to very soon. [nggallery id=45]

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