Another Afternoon Stroll With This olelongrooffan

So as my fellow Hoons may have noticed by now, this olelongrooffan likes me some junkyards. Not just any ole junkyard though. The vehicles seen in the above image, well maybe with the exception of the semi truck, hold no interest for me. Yeah 90’s era cars just don’t do it for me.

No, this olelongrooffan likes me some old shit. That 70’s era wrecker up on top of those containers along with whatever that old front endless buggy is just trip my trigger. Although, I must admit, the Buick portholes on that Mountaineer do get a chuckle out of this olelongrooffan.

So last weekend on a rare Saturday off, I was out and about gathering up body parts for the “Charles Barrett Special” and decided to stop by the U-Pull-It down in the city that hosts Stetson College and a really cool historic downtown area. This is the same junkyard I purchased a Ford GPW from a few years ago that I parted out on all thing bay with an e for a profit of about $1,300.00. One of the first things I spotted after laughing at that Buick wannabe was this old bus. It is the same body style as my olestationbus that I sold to some dude down on the Space Coast. I can’t tell if this one was an Econoline or a Falcon Station Bus like my was. Not that there is much difference anyway.

The owners must have recently sent a bunch of newer crap to the crusher as more than 1/2 of this lot was uninhabited. Most of what was remaining was pretty cool and very Hooniworthy to this olelongrooffan. There were elkys left and elkys right. My fellow observant Hoons will note that Andy Griffith wannabe cop car Ford sedan was posted here in the Hooniverse a whiles back. And yes, that is a Mercury Monarch sitting next to the Bandit’s Firebird in the next row.

I did mention there were elkys all around didn’t I?

This olelongrooffan is sure appreciative for an illiterate junkyard worker who ignored the instructions written on the windshield of this old oil leaker.

Yes, my fellow Hoons, it is the same Morris I captured an image of on my last trip through. Still with no badging to correctly identify this as anything other than a product of the Morris Garages. That rusty Mustang ragtop sitting adjacent is a fairly new arrival.

And, as I often do, I associate cars with my fellow Hoons and this one reminded me of our esteemed Mr. Brennan of Weekend Edition fame.

This ole Pontiac brought to mind my Uncle Frank who possessed a series of Poncho convertibles from the early 60’s on. He had a 68 vert when he passed.

And of course this one reminds me of this olelongrooffan as well as a couple of my fellow Hoons.

I wandered around a bit more and on the way out I spotted this, what I think is, a Torino with a Falcon in front and another elky to boot.

And as this olelongrooffan was approaching my beater pickemup truck, the thought crossed my mind that this thing fits right in here. I climbed behind the wheel, luckily it started right up and I drove that sucker right on out of there on to the next one.

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