Anachronistic Future Tech: Hammarhead's Electrifying Royal-Enfield Cafe Racer

Here’s the recipe: take an ancient British motorcycle design sold to an Indian company, add a fairing, and gut the drivetrain to substitute an electric powerplant. The result is the delicious Hammarhead Volta 102, seasoned with green technology and anachronism. Garnish with 220V and serve very hot.

Bullet-faired led round headlights! Brilliant!
Because most restomods in the automotive world are horrific fiberglass-and-billet monstrosities, I’m always a bit wary of this sort of bitsa timewarp mashup. Hammarhead has really approached the Volta 102 with some thought, and I think the result is as ingenious as it is attractive. You have style in spades, built-in authenticity, and a reasonably guilt-free powertrain. Of course, you’d be missing the sound and the fury of a R-E thumper, but I’d let it slide. The Volta ain’t cheap, but methinks it’s a small price to pay to stand apart. In the words of James Hammarhead himself, his “mission is to build elemental motorcycles outside of the plastic-encrusted mainstream motorcycle industry. HHI bikes honor the taut lines and lean form of the iconic motorcycles of the 1950’s. Each build is executed with an eye towards repurposing, recycling and efficiency. Hammarhead Industries provides minimalist motorcycles that are prepared for the modern world. Most are quiet, some are silent and all are built to be ridden.” More info is available at Hammarhead’s website below. Hammarhead Motorcycles

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