American Eagle – 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V

It’s not every day you spot an American-built personal luxury car with a 7.5-litre engine over here. On Friday the 13th, I did; it’s a 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V for sale at the same forecourt as the Buick Roadmaster was last fall. The dealer has a penchant for large barges, it seems, and the ’77 Mark V is the biggest and baddest.

This white hulk of a car with a black vinyl cap has some patina, as it’s been in the country since 1993. Make the jump to see more photos – and a music video.

The Linc is a handsome car with great presence. It’s incredibly angular in the metal and you could probably land a helicopter on the hood. Up front, the 460 V8 delivers 208 horses to move the 5,85 metres and 2287 kg:s of car. Yeah, I feel more at home with metric measurements.

The headlight covers apparently do not close all the way shut, but that’s probably nit-picking.

There are proper wire wheels on worn tires; not only wheeltrims but wire wheels. There’s some patina here as well, and I’d ditch the white-lettered tires anyway.

The driver-side slats are in fairly good nick…

But the passenger side ones aren’t. Wonder what’s the case here.

Yeah, it’s a split-window coupe; both opera windows in the C-pillars are cracked.

Inside, there’s cloth instead of leather, vinyl or velour.

There are rust proofing stickers from the home country. Wonder if the car made the Jul ’80 inspection date.

The car could do with a good body shop appointment. It’s not too rough for that, and it’s too good to run into the ground.

To wrap up this exhaustive photo post is a track that’s currently enjoying heavy rotation on our airwaves.

In the four-minute track, Karri Koira and Ruudolf detail how it feels like to cruise around town in a huge, huge Lincoln. “Amerikankotka liitää”, The American Eagle is Soaring.”

[youtube width=”720″ height=”523″][/youtube]


Link for the Linc’s sales ad

[Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]


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