AMC Hornet Rallye X 360 is Not a Rollerblade Trick

1971 amc rallye x 360 for sale…but it kind of sounds like one. Predating the era of Oakley Frogskins and neon-green Xtreme everything by about 20 years comes this AMC Hornet sporting a groovy shade of yellow. Groovy fades to bitchin’ as we check out the drivetrain. With a warmed over 360c.i. backed up by a T-5 five speed, this compact’s likely rather spirited to drive. This angry insect connects to the road with what look like 50-series tires wrapped around 17×8″ Torq-thrust IIs. The interior’s been re-done, and you get your choice of driver’s seats: the original vinyl unit or the Corbeau touring unit.

1971 amc rallye x 360 for sale
With the T-5 and a 2.90:1 rearend, it likely gets pretty good mileage, too. With five days left and the reserve unmet at $4k, we’re curious where you folks will come down on this one. What would you pay for a ride like this?
1971 amc rallye x 360 for sale

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25 responses to “AMC Hornet Rallye X 360 is Not a Rollerblade Trick”

  1. Tomsk Avatar

    It's a yellow Hornet with black stripes…I see what they did there…
    I dig it, though I don't think I'd give much more than $6 or $7k for it.

  2. buzzboy7 Avatar

    Why the 2.90? WIth the T5 you are getting like a .62 overdrive but only a 2.90(ish) first gear. You could throw 3.50s on the rear and still have fine RPMs on the highway. But it is frickin beautiful!

  3. ChuckyShamrok Avatar

    id go up to 5K for it, I do enjoy obscure muscle cars

  4. tonyola Avatar

    It might not look as special as a S/CRambler or Rebel Machine, but this is a genuine AMC musclecar. Even in stock form, the 360 made up to 285 hp and less than 800 were made in total. This car loses value points for having a lot of later mods, but it looks pretty well done. I'd have no problem with $5,000 if it drives as well as it looks, though I do wish it had A/C (I live in Miami).

    1. AMC Frenchy Avatar
      AMC Frenchy

      This particular vehicle is an original 6-cyl purchased from a salvage yard

  5. nofrillls Avatar

    [70's corolla+70's 5-series+70's Mustang] * [70s domesticar reliability / restomod] = this

  6. B72 Avatar

    Everything else looks slick
    but it still has the PRNDL stick!

    1. dculberson Avatar

      Maybe that's for the booster jets.

    2. ZomBee Racer Avatar

      Well I'll be damned. I saw 3 pedals and moved on to the next photo. Good catch. Could have been a phony pine tree sitting in front of me..

    3. tiberiuswise Avatar

      The PRNDL has been re-wired to change the radio station. Why? Why not!

      1. BPR Avatar

        If you were a fan of public radio, you could make it NPRdl

  7. Lotte Avatar

    Was about to complain about wheels being too big and the tire profile too rubberband-y, but, no…it looks just right. Not too big, not too small, not too shiny, and great ride height, too. I'm loathe (I mean really, really loathe) to use the term, but it's got a nice stance.

  8. CptSevere Avatar

    Not only does it have two shifters, but two water temperature gauges! How can you not like that?
    Other than that, and the fact that the aftermarket seat looks stupid next to the nifty stock bucket seat, the rest of this car looks pretty well put together. Hey, it's rare, the engine is clean, and with those tall gears, it should be one helluva road car. I like it.

    1. coupeZ600 Avatar

      Man, I've always wanted two water-temp gauges, what's coming out as well as what's going in.
      Semi's have a million gauges, all relevant and important, but when you're climbing a hill (where almost all break-downs occur), you pretty much are looking at the water temp and the pyrometer (exhaust gas heat, which tells you how the turbo is doing), and most of the others don't really matter much 'til the top of the hill. If the water coming out was 250 (Danger) but you knew the water going in was 140, no biggie, keep mashing it but keep an extra eye on it in case you lost the water-pump.
      Where almost all crashes and fires occur is on the down-grade, and why they don't have a brake-pad temp gauge has always eluded me.

  9. JayP Avatar

    Cover the front and and it looks almost Italian.
    In a Biturbo or Longchamp sorta way.

  10. ZomBee Racer Avatar

    If it was a real 360 car and not a 304 swapout I'd gladly fork over 7k or more even with all it's warts. This one however was obviously built from a base 304 car or had a V8 Hornet/Gremlin cross-member swapped in along with the 360. Rallye-X was basically just another upgraded appearance package available on damn near everything. Nice, yeah, but only as rare as any other old AMC.
    Still, it's a nice cruiser and most the hard work has been done. I'd be comfortable with 5-6k. Love the car. Very cool.

  11. engineerd Avatar

    Clean, fairly rare, and parts availability work in its favor. It looks like most of the mods that one could find objectionable (like the seat or wheel/tire combo) are easily rectified. Bonus points for leaving the auto trans shifter in place for extra confusion. After uncovering the WOPR-like engineerd Fair Market Value supercomputer and fixing a few vacuum leaks and adjusting the timing on the math processor circuit, I have determined that $7500 would be a fair price. Anything more is probably not a good deal unless there is something even more special lurking in that yellow-clothed beastlet.

  12. muthalovin Avatar

    I will parachute me to San Luis Obispo and puchase. Damn, I'm going on vacation this weekend! Vacation! You are always getting in my way!
    I think $6.5K is a "good deal" for this, but the lack of A/C is a deal breaker for me. Although, I could just drive it from 1am till the sun comes up….

  13. jjd241 Avatar

    Lots of hornety goodness!

  14. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    Very tidy. Those Hornets were overlooked back when. That design hasn’t aged and still looks fresh.

  15. Jeremy Wilson Avatar
    Jeremy Wilson

    Man, spend $100 and throw an Iditit column in there and lose the granny shifter. It's so annoying to see people skip things like that and speaks poorly of the rest of the mods.
    This is why I prefer to buy unmodded cars and do it myself.

  16. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

    The resident AMC nut gives it a resounding "meh". I like the car, but the wheels and other mods lower the value to about $4k, IMO.

  17. orlando seo Avatar

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  18. Kevin Avatar

    Missed the end of the auction and missed buying the car – exactly what I have been looking for

  19. AMC Frenchy Avatar
    AMC Frenchy

    6cyl car purchased from a salvage yard in Wyoming or North Dakota.