Alex Roy drives from NYC to L.A. in 26 hours and 28 minutes

In 2006, he and co-driver David Maher shattered the old transcontinental record in 31 hours and 4 minutes in an E39 M5. Now he did it again, in a GT-R-powered Infiniti Q50 with two steering wheels(!!!). Read all about it on The Truth About Cars.
[Editor’s Note: Oh hey… what day is tomorrow? -JG]

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  1. JayP Avatar


  2. SawdustTX Avatar

    April Fools joke? The overall average shows a higher speed than the moving average. That makes no sense. Overall should include the pit stop times, so the speed would be lower. If true, these idiots should be in jail for endangering the lives of innocent people all for their own sad little egos.

    1. dead_elvis Avatar

      You really should read the linked TAC piece before getting your panties fully wadded. You noticed the average speed issue – trust your instinct.
      Yes, April Fools’, FFS.

    2. Bradley Brownell Avatar
      Bradley Brownell

      Yeah, going 110 in a high performance car is comparatively SOOOO DANGEROUS!!!!! when everyone around you is doing 90 in a 20 year old SUV on 10 year old bald all seasons.

      1. SawdustTX Avatar

        Note his top speed – 188mph. To average 108, you have to be consistently going significantly faster to make up for the slow periods. It’s the speed differential that’s the biggest risk. And the point would be (if his weren’t an April Fool’s joke) that these kinds of runs are for 2800 miles, half at night, and put at risk innocent people who share those roads. Not sure where you live, but here in Texas, even with 75mph speed limits, your “everyone is doing 90 in a 20 year old SUV on bald all seasons” is not the case.

        1. Bradley Brownell Avatar
          Bradley Brownell

          You know what, I’m not advocating for everyone to be able to do 188, or even for 188 to be okay, but if anyone were to do it, I’d be almost okay with it being Alex Roy in a capable performance car.
          The thing about driving fast is that it requires judgement. Generally there is a difference between a quick squirt up to 188 in a car that is more than capable of it (It says max speed, it doesn’t say “sustained 188 for hours at a time”) and driving like a moron. I’ve driven through the desert where I didn’t see another single car for over an hour. If I’d been cruising at 150 or even 200 for that stint, exactly whose INNOCENT LIFE am I endangering?

          1. SawdustTX Avatar

            the guy pulling out of driveway, behind some bushes that you can’t see, who judges his available space to cross over in front of your based on normal closure rate at speeds of 75mph. Just the radical difference in closure rate may result in a t-bone at a deadly speed. All that said, I agree some people driving at 40 mph are more dangerous that an expert at 188mph. My point is simply, these runs (like Afroduck) are planned, intentional, high risk, high speed, which I find horribly irresponsible and selfish.

  3. nanoop Avatar

    I am still not getting why this is a thing : it’s more an organisational achievement than a technical or driving challenge. On the other hand, I am spoiled by autobahning.

  4. Kiefmo Avatar

    I worked for Garmin.
    I absolutely believe that someone would call the wrong calculation when building this screen and that the issue would make it to production before being caught and amended in a software update.

    1. nanoop Avatar

      I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the bugs were due to, ahem, insufficient documentation of some ICs produced by a former employer of this very nanoop…