A Retrospective on Retro Racing: 2010 Sonoma Wrap-Up

Alas, our coverage of the 2010 Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival is at a close, but in case you missed any of the action, click through the jump for a wrap-up of all the vintage racing action – and as a bonus, Han’s favorite car of the weekend.

In our first post, A Deafening Thunder – Welcome to the Grid, we took a look at historic Trans-Am racers lining up on the grid and got up close and personal with the drivers as they waited to drop the hammer when the green flag waved.

The next post, Faster, Faster, Faster Until the Thrill of Speed Overcomes the Fear of Death, collected photos that showed off the speed and grace of the historic racers.

Trouble in Paradise followed the trials and tribulations of one Charles McCabe, a man unhinged in time and space dealing with a problematic Bugatti.

When Sex Was Safe and Racing Was Dangerous was a collection of images that showed the body language and expressions of the racers as they hustled around Infineon Raceway.

And last but not least, The Art of Cornering is rather self-explanatory – cars hitting the corners so hard many were on 3 wheels.
Now for this Hoon’s favorite car of the entire race – the #3 1967 AMT Piranha, a Corvair-powered kit car that we previously featured in a Hooniverse post (as another Piranha had a staring role in the TV show The Man From U.N.C.L.E.). It wasn’t the quickest, rarest, or most valuable car in the race by a long shot, but it had personality and (more importantly) raced with a Corvair flat-six. How cool is that?

All images copyright 2010 Alex Kierstein

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8 responses to “A Retrospective on Retro Racing: 2010 Sonoma Wrap-Up”

  1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
    Jeff Glucker

    Sweet! I can't believe you held out on the Piranha until now!

    1. Han_Solex Avatar

      Well I did because only 3 shots of it came out despite me burning through a ton of CF space trying to capture it. And my attempt to get it in the pits was foiled by a truck running into one of the Trans Am racers which was heading to pregrid. When the hoopla was over, the Piranha had mysteriously vanished …

      1. Armand4 Avatar

        I fell in love with the Piranha the moment I saw it at the first vintage race I ever attended. I just wish it was faster, and a little more interesting to watch as it goes around the track. I think it's got a relatively stock Corvair drivetrain– a breathed-on Corsa Turbo mill might make it fly down the straights. And if it was going faster on the straights, it'd inevitably go through the corners in spectacular tailslides. Anyway, the pictures (like all your pictures of the event) are excellent.
        Speaking of awesome cars that aren't that fast, may I make a personal appeal, one hoon to another, and beg you to post a picture of the Sebring-veteran Alpine? I only had my cell phone at the race to document the historic MG-beater.

  2. engineerd Avatar

    Mr. Solex, I am supremely jealous of your opportunity to go to the historics race at Sonoma. I hope you had fun — and it looks like you did — and thanks for sharing your experiences with us in this great series!

  3. dmilligan Avatar

    This has been a great series that you've posted, with so many beautiful old race cars. Thanks for sharing. Now, please work on your video skills because I NEED to hear these old beauties.

    1. Han_Solex Avatar

      Hahaha, I was cursing myself the whole time for not bringing one. Next time …

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