A New Year's Junkyard Stroll With This olelongrooffan


So a couple weeks ago during that Weekend of Weird Ass Crap we featured here in the Hooniverse, this olelongrooffan headed over to my local U-Pull-It to snag an elcheapo replacement headlight lens for my olebeaterpickemup truck. While I was at that fine and oh-so-clean establishment, I captured those images of the nearly all there product of the fine country of Yugoslavia. Well, lest my fellow Hoons believe this olelongrooffan is failing at my reporting from the junkyard posts (as I am with reference to a lot of other series I have going on now), I thought I would pop up some of the other cool crap I spotted there that day. But you’ll have to make the jump to see more than just this profile shot of TheScoutDude’s favorite daily driver.


Yeah, this ole International Scout has seen better days. The tin worms have been feasting at the trough with this one. There wasn’t a body panel that was sighted by this olelongrooffan that hadn’t been affected by them.


And I think that El Camaro owning dude may have possibly paid a visit to my local U-Pull-It and snagged the master cylinder cover off ole Rusty.


Me? I just wanted the horn button that has previously been pilfered from this rare treasure.


Yeah this ole Scout is way beyond any type of saving and is suitable for merely parts although there aren’t all that many salvageable parts left.


It did possess the cool option of a fold down side though.


That Scout was the first cool thing this olelongrooffan spotted after entering that yard that day. I had to wander around a bit before I could find anything in the Jeep/MOPAR section worthy of capturing for my fellow Hoon’s enjoyment.


And as all the badging on this matte black MOPAR product has been Murilee Martin-ed, I can’t determine whether it is a Valiant or Dart offering. It did have what it was proported to be chalked on the rear quarter but this olelongrooffan can’t seem to remember what it was. And with what I saw a bit later, I was reluctant to trust any of those identifying markings anyway.


Just down a row or two, this old Duster, or one of its cousins, was spotted. There were no identifying markings on this one so who the hell knows what it is.


Just know, this one was pretty picked over.


And I am pretty damn sure that “No Touch” on the driver’s side rear window is not remnant markings from a Car Show this ole coupe had attended recently.


And out on the back row of the MOPAR section was this old Valiant. 


And if my fellow Hoons can make out the markings on the rear quarter of this MOPAR product, you can see why I wasn’t real trusting of those identifying markings. Is anyone aware that Pontiac made a Valiant in 1968?


And, this old Valiant was rather complete for something of its age. As an aside, I picked up an old school rear door handle ashtray from this Valiant to accompany that cheap ass headlight bulb for my old Comanche. Until I claimed it upon check out and that computer controlled dude tried to charge me $5.00 for that ashtray. That is after he asked this olelongrooffan what it was. I questioned the total amount and he mentioned the bulb was two bucks but the “metal ashtray” was $5.00. Next time I see one it goes into the side pocket on the leg of my shorts with noone the wiser.


But that old Pontiac Valiant was sure a strange sight to be seen amongst the newer plastic vehicles surrounding it.


So I wandered over to the Import section and spotted this Volvo with its bonnet raised. As I had seen a V-12 XJS, I dropped my junkyard galvanized bucket and tool bag in the engine compartment of that Volvo to grab some image of the V-12 facing it.


One look into the engine compartment revealed why this relatively desirable pseudo luxury car was in its final resting place in this U-Pull-It parts yard close to my new abode, The Garage.


Now while personal luxury coupes are not real high on this olelongrooffan’s ownership desirability list, I have always had a soft spot for the XJS. Not as cool as an XKE but it is still pretty far up there.


But this one has more issues than most of its British counterparts and I am afraid this one is way to far gone for my abilities. But V-12? FTW.


I almost grabbed that cassette radio for transplant into my old Comanche but


the realization of British electronics quickly modified my thoughts about that transplant.


Next up I spotted a longroof the likes of which this olelongrooffan hasn’t seen in a long while. This is a Volkswagen Fox. A two door wagon that I believe dates from the mid to late 70’s.


A buddy of mine had one in high school and I tried to drag race him from stop light to stop light on Glenstone Avenue in front of the Cat and the Fiddle restaurant back in the Queen City of the Ozarks while he was driving this and I was in that old D200 Dodge farm truck. I still shudder over the way TheSlimOne embarrassed me that day. 


And how could I not included one of these iconic Mercedes in this post. Rare to see one of these around these days. It seems there are still a bunch of them out and about.


After I had seen that old Benz, I left the Import section of this yard and headed over to the GM section to see what could be seen. It didn’t take long until I stumbled across this red velour interior possessing vehicle.


Yeah, it was a six door limo that has definitely seen better days. The rear compartment had one of the seats removed and it was filled with tires and wheels. I tried to open every other door on this beast but was successful in opening only the front passenger side door.


As I moved down a few rows looking for something even cooler to share with all ya’all. Hey, what’s that down near the fence?


Well Hoons it turned out to be an early 60’s Chevy II Nova. Yeah, even though it was a four door post sedan, I thought it was pretty cool to see among all these 80’s, 90’s and double aught vehicles.


And although it appeared that every non rusted part had been salvaged from this old beauty, the sighting of it sure tripped my trigger that day.


But just a few rows away, I did spot this younger, less distinguished sibling of that original Nova.


This one was built at that now closed joint assembly plant between GM and Toyota back in the 80’s. Was it the MUNNI plant?


And just after spotting that 80’s era Nova, I spotted this cousin of the Nova, a Buick of the mid to late 70’s.


I’m not sure if it is the Apollo or the Skylark but they are a relatively rare sighting these days.


And while this olelongrooffan can’t properly identify the exact model of this Buick variety, I am confident it possessed a “Body By Fisher.”


And full wheel covers as are only appropriate to a Buick back in the day.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2013/longrooffan

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24 responses to “A New Year's Junkyard Stroll With This olelongrooffan”

  1. fodder650 Avatar

    Close on the GM/Toyota plant. It was actually called NUMMI. I believe its currently being used by Tesla.

  2. LeoContesini Avatar

    That Fox is from the late 80s!

    1. LTDScott Avatar

      Yeah, it's an '87-'90 model.

    2. Macko Avatar

      I had one. It was solid as a rock. I really enjoyed it. My neighbor had one until about 2 years ago. That was the last one I saw. Olelongroofian is probably thinking of the Audi Fox, which is what the Audi 80 was called in North America. It was sold through the 1970s, and was a similar size to the VW one and arguably shared some styling cues.

      1. LeoContesini Avatar

        I used one of these as daily driver back in 2006-2007. It was an 1990 sedan, 1.8 liter with 180k miles. Very solid and smooth.

      2. Van_Sarockin Avatar

        VW Fox is more like an early Polo. Audi Fox and VW Dasher were twins, larger and much more interesting cars. VW Fox was a good, basic econobox. None of theme were really meant to last, unfortunately.

        1. longrooffan Avatar

          Polo…that was it..Thanks Man…I just love the depth of Hooniverse knowledge…..

    3. racer139 Avatar

      In Canada it was called a fox. A friend of mine bought a coupe version of this in 1997 or 98. It was owned by a old couple and was better than new with only 85k km on the clock. it was a four speed and was detailed better than it left the dealer new. I had the pleasure of teaching her how to drive a stick, she was a very quick learner and had it down pat within the hour, even starting on the steepest hill in town was concluded easily. The only thing that made it trickey for my size twelve was the pedals where placed so close together that I had to put my heel on the wheelwell and use the tip of my shoe to use the clutch at all. The throttle was so close to the brake that heel toe was impossible for me. About two weeks after she had learned the car she took off on a road trip to California from the Oakanagon in B.C. ..

    4. mallthus Avatar

      Yes. The Fox was a rebadge of the Brazilian built VW Gol. The platform, the BX, was unique to VW do Brazil, but was based on the Audi 80, which was…surprise…sold in the US as the Audi Fox. Curiously, when it launched, it featured the classic air cooled VW engine, albeit in a FWD platform.
      When they launched it in the US, it was priced to compete with the newly launched Hyundai Excel. Although the Hyundai was a nicer car on the day you bought it, the VW was the better choice for the long haul, in so much as it was simpler to fix when it broke. That, and it looked better IMHO.
      One of my college girlfriends had a wagon and it was neither solid nor reliable. BUT, it was dead simple, so when it failed to work, it was usually quickly fixed…often in a parking lot somewhere. More than anything else, I remember it for having a 4 speed manual long after pretty much every other car had a 5 speed.

  3. LTDScott Avatar

    I have just realized that longroofian is Hooniverse's version of Huell Howser.

    1. Irishzombieman Avatar

      Now. We're standing next to a fire hydrant. . . that's been painted. . . to look like a little bear.

    2. longrooffan Avatar

      Having never heard of Huell Howser, I hope this is a good thing.

      1. Irishzombieman Avatar

        One of a very small number of people that can make you listen to and enjoy a conversation about fire hydrants painted like bears. Good stuff.

  4. wolfie Avatar

    I once found a stack of used scratch-off lottery tickets in the glove box of a late model white Eldorado that had taken a hard hit on the right front. Over $32.00 in winners after they were sorted out.

  5. Sjalabais Avatar

    In Norway the common mortal junkyardian is extinct. One is not allowed to roam the fields anymore, and everything has to happen over the counter. Sad, sad state of social democracy.

    1. Irishzombieman Avatar

      There're a lot here in the States like that also. I try not to go to those unless I have to.

    2. racer139 Avatar

      Its like that here in Nova Scotia. Because of insurance there are no pick "n" pull yards at all. And youd be very lucky if a yard will let you in long enough to check out a car to see if there is anything you could use. It sucks because I used to paruse the lots any free chance I had when I lived in B.C .

  6. Fred Avatar

    The black Mopar is a Valiant, late '60's through early '70's. Hard to tell exactly, they didn't change much from year to year at that time. The "Pontiac" Valiant looks like a '64. The first year of vertical taillights, but it still had the "spear" design on the front fenders.

  7. Irishzombieman Avatar

    It's been a couple months since I hit the 'yard. Last time I did, I sat in a 944 and made engine revving noises while rowing through the gears. Time to do that again. . . .

  8. Scoutdude Avatar

    I see lots of parts I'd grab off of that Scout. Axles, lenses, switches, gauges, uncut dash panel, dash pad that is in better shape than many, heater, disc booster and brackets, combo valve, heater, washer fluid reservoir, brush guard maybe the grille and front bumper.

    1. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
      mr. mzs zsm msz esq

      Hey that booster looks awfully small and it turns-out from some googling that there were even smaller single diaphragm ones in '73 say. This just might fit in a '67 Amazon… Thanks for the heads-up Scoutdude!

      1. Scoutdude Avatar

        The single diaphragm unit used on drum brake Scouts is about the same diameter as the tandem unit. I also don't know of a disc master cyl that will fit on the drum booster. There are aftermarket Pinto/Mustang II units that are pretty small diameter.

        1. mr. mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
          mr. mzs zsm msz esq

          That's a great idea, thanks!

  9. Alexandre Avatar

    can you send to Brazil parts of Fox wagon? headlight, turn signals. grid etc.
    Alexandre Brasil