A Junkyard Stroll With The Olelongrooffan

There have been entirely way too freakin many shiny assed cars here in the Hooniverse lately. So, this olelongrooffan decided to pop up some of the images I gathered up a few weeks ago while out getting some body parts for the “Charles Barrett Special.”  However my fellow Hoons will need to make the jump to see some of the carcasses I “Murilee Martined” these badges off.

After I had seen all the MOPARs, including the New Yorker from which that horn button in the first image originated, I moseyed on over the the GM section and one of my first spottings was this Eldo.  It was in surprisingly good shape  and one this olelongrooffan wouldn’t mind having as an occasional driver.

This thing still had its original donut spare tire located in its trunk.  The entire trunk also contained its original carpeting and, of course, it was 80’s era tan and shagette.

The interior was immaculate for a junk yard car.  No holes in the lazyboyish front seats, the dash wasn’t cracked, all of the gauges and steering components were intact and the dash board had not a crack in sight.  It was as if someone broke into Granpa’s garage, stole his daily driver and sold it to my local U-Pull-It just for the viewing pleasure of this olelongrooffan and now my fellow Hoons.

Just a row or two away, I spotted a bright yellow Aztek.  I know these things have been much maligned for their design issues, but the basic architecture is  pretty solid and this olelongrooffan may just have to snag one of these someday just for the hell of it.

This old Skylark is the first vehicle this olelongrooffan has seen in a while that has the right to possess portholes on the front fenders.  A buddy of mine way the hell back in high school owned a sedan just like this but on the front were black steelies with some sort of wide mag wheels on the jacked up rear end of it.  Yeah, we were nerds back then too.

In a blog I did about the other U-Pull-It this olelongrooffan was in that day, I misidentified an Oldsmobile as a Pontiac and one of my fellow Hoons pointed that error out in the comment section.  Thanks man.  Now I can positively state this is a Poncho in what I think is the same year as my long departed Uncle Frank’s black ragtop.

And Damn You Murilee!  As my pappy used to say, a day late and a dollar short of snagging these bits.

Often while I am out and about and see something or some vehicle it reminds this olelongrooffan of all things Hoon.  That day was no exception.

Our own Mad Science, one of the Hooniverse Overlords owns one of these boxy Falcons.  He has Hooned about it previously but I can’t remember if it was a post two door such as this or the sedan version of the FOMOCO product.

However, Mad Science, see anything here you need, just let this olelongrooffan know and I’ll head out there over the weekend to snag it for you.

Finally, on the way out this POS was spotted.  A junkyard is a good place for this thing.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

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