'79 BMW 635CSI, for You, We Would Jump Through a Thousand, Million Hoops

1979 Alpina BMW 635csi for sale
Come to Papa…

California’s Smog control policies get a mostly undue bad rap. First off, everything ’75 and earlier is a free for all. Post-’75, you have to pass a visual inspection and the sniffer test. It’s also pretty easy to do engine swaps, provided the new engine is from the same model year or later and still maintains its emissions controls. Alas, things get laborious and tricky when it comes to gray-market Euro imports that have never been registered in California.

1979 Alpina BMW 635csi for sale1979 Alpina BMW 635csi for sale How laborious and tricky? Think teraforming Mars. Whatever, for this orange and black beauty, there’s no DMV line too long or Smog Referee too strict. eBay Motors, with a $5000 starting bid. Also, we’ve been looking for an excuse to post this photo:

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