69 Cougar XR-7 Something Something Joke About Middle Aged Single Women

69 Cougar with a 4 speed manual transmissionA lesser blog might use the emergence of a relatively clapped-out ’69 Mercury Cougar with a 4-speed stick to make a string of relatively obvious, tired jokes. At Hooniverse, we keep it classy. While everyone loves a Mustang, the Cougars really represented the classier FoMoCo big-pony offering. At least most did, back when they had things like paint and interiors.

Our example is definitely the sum of what’s left of its parts namely a 390, 4-speed and uh, not much else. Apparently this is a $39k car, once everything’s done and the credit flows like cheap beer in a frat house again. Rather than see it as a long journey to get back to numbers-matching originality, we view a car like is a as a blank slate. Off-hand, we’re thinking Trans Am racer: slammed, 10″ wide 55 series tires and a big ole duckbill splitter.
Catch it on eBay Motors at $5000 with 3 days left.

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