’65 Fleetwood Brougham Drops Anchor on Route 66, Needs a New Home

Your ship has come in…
Remember when Cadillac built a vehicle that was taken just as seriously by this continent’s rich and famous as its foreign competition but wasn’t called Escalade? Me neither. However, Tomsk the Elder and I spotted this three-owner, large-and-in-charge barge Thursday while walking along the town’s northerly east-west artery (less than a mile west of the famous Aztec Hotel) and just had to stop and check it out. The ’65 Fleetwood Brougham was only offered as a four-door post with a three-and-a-half inch longer wheelbase than the lesser Calais and DeVille models for a base price of $6,479. Production totaled 18,100 units, according to the American Car Spotter’s Bible 1940-1980. This year also marked Caddy’s first year for stacked headlights (Cue Michael Scott!), and a return to perimeter frames for the first time since the ‘56s. It’s a black plate car, so it’s most likely spent its whole life in California, though the old man reckoned it’s been resprayed at least once; however, it wasn’t recent, judging by the a) oxidation and b) the fact it isn’t basecoat-clearcoat. The vinyl top is starting to shrivel and curl in some places (Again with the Dunder Mifflin manager?!), and there are some letters missing from the emblems (No, “LEETWOOD” is not, in fact, what gamers get when they raid their dad’s Cialis stash.), but it seems pretty complete otherwise. The for sale signs list the work that’s been done to it recently, including a new radiator, water pump, timing chain, starter and distributor. Of course, if there’s anything else it needs, Original Parts Group now sells Cadillac parts, so you’re less likely to have to journey to junkyard after junkyard and swap meet after swap meet and get a third-degree sunburn or two in the process scour eBay and other sites from the comfort of your home in search of replacement components. Did I mention the owner’s asking $3,500? That’s a screaming deal whether you’re going by the pound or by the foot (or for Dearthair, POLAЯ, Maymar, et al, by the kilo or by the meter). Also: If you don’t buy it, some 909er will and either donk it or put it on airbags, paint it fuchsia and reupholster the interior in yak hides. Do you really want that kinda crap on your conscience? Huh? Do ya? (Apologies for the craptacular cameraphone photography.)


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