$600 1965 T-Bird: LeMons or What?

1965 ford t-bird for sale1965 ford t-bird for sale The problem with searching for LeMons cars is that it’s too easy to come across potential daily drivers. For instance, we’ve got the 65 T-Bird sporting a 300ish HP 390ci, but with a blown transmission. The good news is, usable C6s are like $9, and rebuild kits go for half of that. 390s are easily turned into stonking motors on their own, and are a mere 428 crank away from being epic torque monsters. The bad news is this is easily one of the ugliest cars to ever come out of Detroit, treated to a weird-ass paint job that just emphasizes the ugly lines of the car. With handling considered lackluster by mid-60s standards, it might not be of much use on the track. The good news being mid 60s Fords have parts-swappabibility like you wouldn’t believe. There’s probably a set of F350 parts that’d bolt right in. And hey: $600! That’s “put it all on red” money. LA Craigslist

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