'59 Berkeley B-95 Has Big Schnoz, Royal Enfield Power

A face only a racer could love?
Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but a 750cc Royal Enfield engine can cure many ills. For those not familiar with Berkeley Cars of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, this B-95 was one of their later creations. Traditionally, a Berkeley involved a fiberglass monocoque surrounding the motorcycle-derived powerplant, driving the front wheels through a chain drive. This B-95 is no different, other than being one of the rare LHD versions. A brave soul could attempt to top 100 mph in a B-95, and while the original cars had a 692cc engine fitted, this particular example seems to be sporting a larger motor. It’s also missing the chrome slatted grille, which arguably mitigates the horse-collar-ness (to put it politely) of the front fascia. Shockingly, for what they were, Berkeleys were quite expensive compared to similarly performing (and arguably better-looking rivals) such as the Mini or Spridget. Thus, Berkeley was resigned to the dustbin of history not long after the B-95 graced the earth with its unique charms. This one’s available for the eye-watering price of $38,000 USD, although it’s fully restored and only one of 3 survivors. Is that a face you could love? race-cars.com

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