350-Powered Toro Lawnmower Ad Has Highest Buyer:Product Sanity Ratio Ever

v8 lawn mower for salev8 lawn mower for sale

…and that headline is why I’ll never be employed doing this professionally. The point is, usually absurd contraptions like this 350-powered Toro commercial mower come with an ad whose insanity quotient matches the product. All caps, exclamation points by the dozen, bizarre claims that violate two of Newton’s three laws, et cetera. You can practically smell the store-brand Scotch through your monitor (and not because you spilled it). No so with this seller.

v8 lawn mower for sale
The seller keeps it short and sweet:

Torro groundsmaster 327 with 72″ mower deck cut. One of a kind prototype. Has 350 chevy engine in it and it runs and drives, needs tlc. Will sell with or without motor. Cuts approx 3 acres in 27 minute.

No claims that it’ll make you rich or bring all the girls to the yard, just some matter-of-fact stats. As tipster Reid points out, “you can be sure he did that 3 acres a bunch of times to work down to that 27 minute number (as opposed to a more casual, “in under a half hour”)”. We think the headers are a nice touch…might even generate some forward thrust at full throttle.
We’re left wondering what The Stoic Madman’s moved on to. See it now on Rochester’s Craigslist for $1275.

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  1. David Avatar

    How did you hook up v8 to wheels. I have a regular rider, I put a v8 in it but can't figure out how to do the drive train. I need help