24 Hours of LeMons: Up-to-the-week-ish news!

The 24 Hours of LeMons season hasn’t picked up quite yet this season with just one race a month in the year’s early going, so we at Hooniverse thought we’d bridge the gap between races with a few general news items of interest. Let me shuffle my papers as, in the finest sense of Brian Williams-esque newsreading, I am reporting from LeMons Chief Perpetrator Jay Lamm’s palatial estate, built on the backs of the proletariat $500 at a time. Specifically, I’m sitting on Jay’s favorite chair, lacquered with the collected tears of those who have violated the No Whiners Rule and leveled by wedging stacks of thousand-dollar bills under the legs.
[The only true part is about the news items. See them after the jump.]

Our astute LeMons readers likely noticed a preview for the North Dallas Hooptie race at Eagles Canyon Raceway but no recap. An unprecedented snowstorm dumped a few inches of snow on the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Teams tried to drive the track a bit on Friday’s test day with predictable results (above).
By Saturday, the uncommonly cold temperatures turned the paddock into a dangerous sheet of ice and a racer falling on the ice and breaking an arm basically ended all consideration of racing, although official cancellation didn’t come until Sunday. Paid entrants were told they would get refunds or credit for a future race.
Meanwhile, LeMons HQ posted the  race recap video for the Shine Country Classic at Barber Motorsports Park last month. It features several attempts to recreate the famous scenes from the Victory Auto Wreckers commercials, a replica of John Delorean’s cocaine bust, and RetroRacing’s Johan Samanta being typically insane.
racecast screen shot
Recently, we reported on Hooniverse about Racer Connect hosting live in-car streaming called RaceCast from the upcoming Sears Pointless race at Sonoma Raceway. To sweeten the deal further, Racer Connect is now offering contingency money to teams with sporting a Racer Connect sticker. The highest-finishing car in each of the three classes with a sticker takes home $125.
Contingency money is generally a “real racer” concept so it seems apt to mention two LeMons regulars who shone good on bigger stages. Georgia racer Mike Taylor from Hong Norrth—a team with six overall LeMons wins and one-third of the horrid K-Car cross-country trip to his credit (shown above)—recently built a Honda Civic to run the SCCA’s STL class. He towed it to NOLA Motorsports Park last weekend for the SCCA Majors race, where he missed a podium in the first race by 0.055 seconds. In the second race, he made good, finishing a solid second in class to claim a podium in his first SCCA Majors weekend..
In the neighboring state, Marc Sherrin—who brought an astonishingly competent 1984 Corvette to North Dallas Hooptie last year—raced a Chevy Sonic in the TCB class at PirellI World Challenge’s season opener at Circuit of the Americas. Sherrin finished 12th in class in all three Touring Car races in an extremely competitive field.
Finally, if you’re interested in digging into 24 Hours of LeMons history, you can now head over to Murilee Martin’s website, where each of the LeMons Uber Galleries going back through 2011 currently now features a wrap-up video or some other representative video(s) and links to inspection posts, in-race posts, winners posts, and official timing & scoring results on MyLaps. Of course, the galleries themselves can be a huge-enough waste of time.
[Sources: Brandon Green YouTube Channel, 24 Hours of LeMons YouTube Channel | All other photos: Murilee Martin]

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  1. mdharrell Avatar

    “…leveled by wedging stacks of thousand-dollar bills under the legs.”
    Typical nouveau riche. The elegant solution is instead to wedge the bills under the flooring. There’s no need to draw attention to their presence.

  2. Scott C Avatar
    Scott C

    Wow, that’s a lot of steering angle just to keep the car going straight.
    Will you be at the Sonoma race? The Homer will be.