24 Hours of Lemons There Goes The Neighborhood 2015 Wrap-up

Since our Lemons-loving friend Eric Rood has departed Hooniverse, I am taking it upon myself to provide some 24 Hours of Lemons coverage. Don’t expect anything too great from me, Mr. Root’s coverage of this race series was rather amazing and there is no way I could match it. That said, quick and dirty updates is what you’ll get. Above is the wrap-up video of the There Goes The Neighborhood race from Thompson, CT. There is some hot Buick action in the first thirty seconds, too.

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3 responses to “24 Hours of Lemons There Goes The Neighborhood 2015 Wrap-up”

  1. Xedicon Avatar

    It’s worth watching the recap for one single moment… You’ll know it when you see it, lol!

    1. Kamil K Avatar

      Can you be more specific?

      1. Xedicon Avatar

        “This car will dominate!”