24 Hours of Lemons New England – The Race "Cars"

The 2012 24 Hours of Lemons New England spring race (there is also an October race) is in the books. Follow the Car & Driver blog to get the latest details on Lemons racing written by our sexy little friend Murilee Martin.  I managed to escpape my family for a few hours on Saturday and attended the race. With my limited time I managed to snap some pictures and head back home for my 4:30pm LEGO play-date with my daughter and her friend. Here is the first in a series of Lemons photo-dumps, the race “cars”.


I recently picked up a Nikon D7000 and I gotta say, I am not too happy with it. First, it won’t focus on anything that’s relativly close (my D5000 did) and looking back at the pictures I noticed that it wasn’t focusing on the right things half the time, especially when the cars were moving.

[singlepic id=3960 w=720 h=999 float=center]

The single most fascinating vehicle on the track was this… trailer. It was eerie, mind-blowing and WTF-ish all at the same time seeing a trailer racing on the track and moving on it’s own power. The Suzuki X-90 under the trailer was very nicely comouflaged and the trailer looked like a single-axle vehicle adding more to the OMG/WTF factor. Well done gents but it still does not throw my favorite Lemons car off its podium. Coincidentally both cars where created by SpeedyCop.

Have a look through the gallery, again the pictures did not come out great.

[slideshow id=154]

[nggallery id=154]

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