24 Hours of Lemons New England – Behind The Scenes

While wondering aimlessly around the Lemons infield/paddock I started snapping pictures of anything and everything interesting. New Hampshire Motor Speedway has some nice garages which are assigned on first-come-first-serve basis where all the “off-track” action takes place. It is nice to have a clean garage where you’ll need to fix your hoopie but the Lemons teams take it to the next level.

People have set up all kinds of living quarters in the garages; there were living rooms, BBQ grills, dining rooms, all kinds of stuff. It was also nice to see teams work with each other to fix their “cars”. Overall, it looked like everyone was having a good time.

The Lemons HQ garage had a foldout table shop set up where t-shirts and other crap were sold. It was also the BS inspection and general judging area. I hanged out there for a bit, chatted with Murilee and watched a bit of the action. Always fun to watch racers explain their on-track behavior to the judges and then beg for a lenient penalty.

Outside of the track a “drifting event” was taking place. Wow, it’s like a combination of gymnastics and retarded autocross. There were about eight cars in it, mostly 240SXs with a lot of negative camber, and their drivers were just not that good; the sliding wasn’t all that impressive. I have seen two cars stop just short of a make-shift wall and one go into dirt. They need a lot more practice, hopefully they won’t kill anyone.

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