2024 Land Cruiser, Emme Hall – Off The Road Again Podcast: Episode 175

Welcome back to the Off the Road Again podcast! We’ve missed you. The focus is on the off-road adventure, but we also dabble in all things SUVs, truck, and van, and maybe even some rally cars.

Chris and Ross welcome the incredible Emme Hall, automotive journalist, race car driver, and offroad maven. She’s here to discuss her unique experiences and share expert advice.

Get ready to dive deep into an enlightening discussion about the latest models on the offroad scene – the 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser and the 2024 Lexus GX550. Emme provides expert insights on these vehicles, breaking down their offroad capabilities, technologies, and why they are the next big thing in the 4×4 realm.

We don’t stop there – this episode also features a detailed discussion about the Polaris Ranger 1000 Expedition and the highly-anticipated Ranger Raptor. We’ll explore their trail-conquering prowess, the latest features, and upgrades, and how they stack up against their competitors.

Last but definitely not least, Emme gives us a tour of her beloved offroad Miata named ‘Buddy’. Emme talks about the challenges and triumphs she’s experienced with Buddy, her modifications and future plans, and why the Miata makes such an unexpected yet formidable off-roader.

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