2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD: Classy AF

Just about every automaker is hard at work creating purpose-built EVs, or adapting electric versions of existing platforms. Unsurprisingly, the Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis umbrella of vehicles is no different with lots of all-electric models available now and more on the way. I just drove the Genesis GV60 electric and it was quite good. I also got a go in my first “executive sedan” that had been given the EV treatment, the 2023 Genesis Electrified G80 AWD. It’s an $82,400 luxury car, which makes it the second most expensive vehicle in the Genesis lineup, after the larger G90 (that I also reviewed recently). Is this a proposition that buyers will be willing to consider? Let’s dig into the details and find out.

It’s electric, boogie, woogie, woogie.

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 Overview

The Genesis G80, at least in petrol-powered form, traces it’s roots back to the OG Hyundai Genesis. Produced from 2008–2016, the Genesis was Hyundai’s first toe-in-the-water of the luxury market. Back in 2014 I was very much in favor of Genesis being spun off as it’s own brand. Not saying that I came up with the idea, I’m sure many others posited the same thing, but I still maintain that it was a great idea. People who are even a little brand conscious are going to have a hard time plunking down $50,000 or more for a Hyundai or Kia. However, Genesis seems to be having some success, I have seen more and more of their sedans and SUVs around the D.C. area.

The G80 is the first of the Genesis sedans to be electrified, and its starting MSRP of $79,825 rings in at nearly $30,000 more than the starting price of the least expensive gas-powered G80. If you know anything about Genesis, you know you’re getting a decent amount of stuff for the money. The second generation of the G80 came out in 2021 and the Electrified G80 is actually brand new for 2023. You only get one option, the 365 horsepower dual-motor AWD version so building your own G80 EV is pretty easy.

There isn’t much to select in the build-your-G80 EV online tool, it come standard with Nappa Leather, microfiber suede headliner, a 12.3-inch 3D digital gauge cluster, and a lot, lot, more. We’ll get into the details below, but suffice to say, she loaded.

Our tester only adds $1,500 for Verbier White Matte paint, all other optional colors add $575 to the MSRP. Interestingly, the only paint color that doesn’t add to the bottom-line is the base “Alta White”. So it’s sort of like working with a builder to customize a new home.

Genesis doesn’t even try and get you with a silly list of add-ons, their “Accessories” section only includes the three items above. All in you’re looking at just over $82,000 out the door for Genesis’ latest EV.

Is it worth it? Let’s find out.

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 Inside & Out

The Electrified G80 is an imposing vehicle, it is only 0.2-inches from being just as wide as the larger G90, although the length of the G80 EV is a full 10-inches less compared to the larger car. So, as large as the G80 feels, it’s a reminder that the G90 is a beast. The Genesis shield up front (which nicely hides the charging flap) frames the front end, with Genesis signature split headlights on either side. The body is sculpted and simple, with one sweeping character line along the side that merges in just above the split taillights. The rear rises slightly at the trunk to give a the G80 a nice overall shape. A…uh…multi-spoke wheel (don’t feel like counting them) looks super classy and adds to the overall image of the car. There is no question that the exterior of the G80 fits the $80,000+ image.

Inside, it’s more of the same, with fantastic materials throughout. It’s pretty much the same as what you’ll get in the gas-powered G80 3.5T Sport, plus what you also get in the Prestige Package, so it’s got basically everything included as standard. However, that means you’ll need to like the mix of patterns and colors that come in the G80 EV, since it’s the only option. I’m not sure I love the dark green color palette found across the top of the dash, but I also didn’t hate it.

Just about the only option you don’t get is a sunroof or some sort of panoramic roof. The microfiber suede headliner is the only thing you’ll see above you in the 2023 G80 EV, which didn’t really bother me. The 12.3-inch 3D digital gauge cluster is excellent and there is an accompanying 14.5-inch touchscreen mounted up on the dash that controls everything with an easy-to-use infotainment system. It is interesting that it doesn’t use USB-C, I brought one of those cords out assuming that would be how my Apple CarPlay would connect, but it was not.

It’s loaded, nay packed to the brim, with features. Just like in the GV60 EV I drove, the heated steering wheel has metal bits right next to the heated wheel, so the transition from hot to cold was disconcerting to my brain. However, it’s the first car I have driven that has multiple levels of steering wheel heat, which I liked. I also made good use of the massaging seats.

The trunk has 10.8 cubic feet of space, which is actually better than the G90s 10.6 cubes, however the larger car has an other two-inches of legroom in the back seat. Regardless, big sedan is big, so your long weekends or trips with family or friends will deliver comfort and relative practicality for all.

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 On The Road

Out on the road, the G80 EV loves to eat up miles and is likely one of the quietest cars I’ve ever driven. The EV platform was made for luxury vehicles, with the sound deadening working with the silent running powertrain to deliver a near silent experience. You can hear some wind noise, but that’s about it. It’s a fantastic place to spend time out on the open road.

Like some other Hyundai-made EVs, the G80 EV will show you the real-time impact of changing drive modes. The difference in range from comfort to eco probably isn’t worth the decreased performance, as it only saved eight miles of predicted range switching down to the most economical mode. There is a Sport mode, but it’s quite quick in Comfort mode, so I typically just left it in that setting and wafted around town. I still think using the paddles to change the way the acceleration pedal behaves is interesting, you can click it down to using one-pedal to drive. I assume they likely only exist since the G80 EV has the same general interior as the regular G80. But hey, at least it does something performance related.

Speaking of performance, the G80 EV will light up the back tires with the traction control off. It’s sort of funny though, the whole thing sounds sort of high pitched without any accompanying engine noise. Motortrend clocked the 0-60 time at a brisk 4.1 seconds, and the quarter mile floated by in a scant 12.8 seconds making the G80 EV properly quick.


As the title says, the Electrified G80 is indeed classy as fuck. It’s a lot of car, even with a large MSRP at the bottom of the window sticker, I firmly believe that its worth it. The exterior looks fantastic, the interior is massively comfortable with just about all the amenities’ you would expect at the price point. I’ll admit, I’m a massive fan of what Hyundai is doing across the board, and the Electrified G80 is no different. It’s executed in a way that doesn’t hit you over the head with electrification, but instead allows the electric conversion to add to the experience. It’s faster, quieter, and more comfortable than the comparable gas-powered G80, and as long as an EV fits your lifestyle, it’s a great purchase.

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