2015 New York Auto Show – Why bother going?

2015 new york internatinal auto show
It’s early Tuesday morning as I am writing this. The press days of the New York Auto Show will start tomorrow morning. I won’t get to New York City until about 11:00pm tonight. And here I am asking myself if I should I even bother going? It
All the so-called big premieres and debuts have already been shown.
There is the Lincoln Continental. Caddy CT6 will be shown today. GMC Terrain gets new bumper trim. McLaren 570S is the cheaper (ha!) McLaren. Jaguar XE is a smaller XF. Mercedes ML is now a GLE. Do you see the problem here? There won’t be many, if any, surprises. The media is so hungry for clicks and views, and the manufactures for exposure, that the show actually starts weeks before the doors ever open.
We here at Hooniverse do not have a monkey tied to a computer to post up the latest and greatest so-called spy-shots, leaks, or breakclusive news. All our posts are created when we can, when we have the time and/or the will. With the exception of Greg’s Friday posts we don’t cover news because everyone else does. That said, it nice to see everything in person as it does look much different than the professional pictures provided by the OEM.
This is why tomorrow’s Hooniverse coverage of the 2014 New York Auto Show will be provided by me via my iPhone 4GS. That’s right, not just an iPhone4, a 4GS! My idea to cover the show from a different perspective. I don’t know what it is yet, but it will be something. Unless my battery dies by noon. See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Mike Roell Avatar
    Mike Roell

    Not just any iPhone, but an imaginary one that they never made! Haha…

    1. Kamil K Avatar

      I guess it’s 4S. Ugh.

  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    This is why tomorrow’s Hooniverse coverage of the 2014 New York Auto Show will be provided by me via my iPhone 4GS
    …and where will you be?

  3. Brendan A. MacWade Avatar
    Brendan A. MacWade

    The New York Auto Show is a little like the Tribeca Film Festival, in that it features leftovers from other events (the auto show gets Geneva leftovers, Tribeca Film Festival gets Sundance leftovers). In the last 10 years, some automakers have put more emphasis on New York, as it is the North American media capital. Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Dodge, Jeep, and Subaru have made North American debuts here. As a blogger who somehow keeps getting press passes since 2009, I will hit the show again this year. And like Kamil, I will do as much shooting on small gadgets as possible. Enjoy the show!

  4. PotbellyJoe★★★★★ Avatar

    I’ll be there next Tuesday, most likely.

  5. dead_elvis Avatar

    Last paragraph: “This is why tomorrow’s Hooniverse coverage of the 2014 New York Auto Show will be” /snip
    …one year late?