2013 Rolex24: Thru The Garages For The Final Lap

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So as this olelongrooffan has mentioned, ad nauseam, I attended the Rolex24 at Daytona a few weeks ago. As Speedweeks are continuing down here in the World Center of Racing with all things NASCAR this couple weeks, BikeWeek in two weeks, the Amelia Island Concours coming up and then the Spring Turkey Run, this olelongrooffan decided I had better get my 24 posts out of the way to prepare for those events. As postings seem to be a little light here in the Hooniverse, feel free to make the jump and waste a few minutes strolling through the garages one last time this year with this olelongrooffan.

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As usual, there is a story behind this RumBum sponsored #13 R8 as well as that #52 R8 in the background of the first image. Every year at the Rolex24, one of the Hoons camping out there puts all the car numbers in a hat and we all kick in a few Jacksons and draw numbers to win a portion of the pot depending on the podium placement of our respective draws. This year this olelongrooffan was rewarded with the draw of the above referenced RumBum #13, the Sahlen DP #43 and the #70 SkyActiv Mazda. I had spent a bit of time in each of their respective garages so I thought there might be a little Karma going around for me this year. Well, the #70 didn’t last an hour, the #43 spent a boat load of time in the garage with drivetrain problems but….

On the last lap, after 24 hours of fierce competition, my RumBum R8 was battling with the#24 Alex Job Race Team’s R8 and the APR Motorsports Race Team’s #52 R8 for the win in the GT class. RumBum was looking strong and ready to overtake the Alex Job entry for the lead and the win.

As the were coming towards us in the west Horseshoe, RumBum was on Alex Job’s ass and preparing to overtake it on the exit from that Horseshoe. Well, as it turned out, the #24 won that race with the #52 coming in second. My RumBum racecar finished 7th in class just behind 2 Ferraris, a GT3 and just ahead of Mikey Waltrip’s entry. The reason? My RumBum car ran out of fuel just upon exiting the infield portion of the Daytona International Speedway and limped back to the start finish line. Yeah, racing these days is all about strategy it seems. That lack of fuel cost this olelongrooffan about a C note.

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Anyway, parked just down from my RumBum car was Krone Racing’s GT3. Unlike the Brumos entry, this Porsche had a one piece Kevlar front end with no luggage to transport it around.

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Standing in close proximity to these race cars being wrenched upon is an experience I have enjoyed for many years. So much that this olelongrooffan is steadily becoming more jaded with each passing event. I hope my fellow Hoons enjoy the relation of my experiences out at my local Speedway as it sometimes seems I say the same damn thing every year about them.

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Having said that, it is a wonderment to me the different body parts these teams bring out for the Rolex24. No amount of spare parts could help the 8 Star Motorsports with their Corvette Protoype entry. They finished in 34th place nearly a 100 laps down from the class winning Ganassi BMW/Riley Prototype.

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Speaking of Ganassi, here is a blurry image of their luggage for their various body parts for their DP’s as well as

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the team’s luggage as they had already checked out of their hotel rooms on Saturday morning prior to the 24. They had prematurely checked out of their rooms but, upon the 01 winning the 24, many hotel rooms were reacquired for Sunday night. Local rumor has it there was quite a celebration of Scott’s fifth Rolex24 victory going on at that swanky hotel Sunday evening.

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Earlier while I was checking the beauties, and by that this olelongrooffan means the racecars, out on pit road, I captured this image of the SkyActiv Mazda’s pit road side command center.

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Just for a little additional insight to the operations at this historic speedway, this is area behind the fence along the alley behind the pit road alley is the parking spots for all the team’s big shot’s golf carts.

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And here is a lone fireman parked just outside pit road alongside the roadway leading from the track to the blue garages housing the Continental and GT Race cars.

tripdownus1 237While this olelongrooffan was watching the race from our trackside campground, I noticed I hadn’t seen my Sahlen #43 DP in quite awhile. So I decided a trip to the garages was in order.

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As I watched the wrenches have at it on the rear end of my DP, I asked one of the shirts what was up. He looked at me and sadly said, “More drivetrain issues.” This apparently was a problem for several DPs that weekend.

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So after wandering around a bit more, this olelongrooffan decided it was time to put the brakes on this, the Last Lap Thru The Garages and head on back to catch the end of the race and the Parade of exiting cars past our campground.

Images Copyright Hooniverse 2013/longrooffan

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4 responses to “2013 Rolex24: Thru The Garages For The Final Lap”

  1. JD Ald Avatar
    JD Ald

    Is there any significance to the different colors on the rotor?

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      didn't notice it at the time but the painted ones appeared to be for the 02 Ganassi DP while the unpainted ones were for the 01. I remember the 02 brakes were on the upper shelves of this cart.
      <img src="http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8109/8489611199_7aeaaeabc4.jpg&quot; width="500" height="375" alt="tripdownus1 241">

    2. JayP2112 Avatar

      That's temp sensitive paint.
      The color change indicates temperature.
      And it is pretty.

  2. sduncan Avatar

    Is that a rubber brake hose???