2012 NAIAS – Odds and Ends

[singlepic id=3249 w=700 h=800 float=center] Some random stuff from the [insert drama] 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit! [/drama], a.k.a. DUSDMAS. As I was leaving I noticed that Honda was preparing to throw some kind of a party or dinner. Huge ice sculptures, trays of sushi, a ton of shrimp, and gallons of booze. I really wanted to stay for that. [singlepic id=3250 w=700 h=800 float=center] [singlepic id=3254 w=700 h=800 float=center] Remember when you could stand in the engine bay? Also, replacing the heater core on the Explorer should be easy, as should any front-end accident repair. [singlepic id=3255 w=340 h=800 float=left] [singlepic id=3256 w=340 h=800 float=left] These Dart pictures are the reason why I have not attended most of the press conferences. Ton of people, each one taking pictures and getting pissed off at each other. Video people are the worst. [singlepic id=3246 w=700 h=800 float=center] I did go to the Acura press conference, and I showed up early, as I have much love for the NSX. Despite being there fifteen minutes early I still didn’t get a front-and-center seat. In front of me people were sitting on the ground and this was behind me. The bored gentleman is Carl from Speed:Sport:Life, very nice guy. [singlepic id=3253 w=700 h=800 float=center] The future of motoring. Or Bumblebee’s head. [singlepic id=3248 w=700 h=800 float=center] Mike from QuattroWorld was explaining some of the features of the new Audi Q3 Vail Concept. The pad shown in this picture unfolds from under the trunk mat, is heated, and designed to be sat on while changing out of your ski boots. Clever idea. See those flashlight-like things? They are designed to be inserted into your ski boots where they heat up and dry off the boots. I pulled one out of its cradle only to have some German suit rip it out of my hand. He began mumbling in German and waving his arms around. He then proceeded to reinsert the flashlight back into its cradle, which he couldn’t do until a blond German suit come around to help him. German Suit #1 explained his frustration to German Suit #2, pointing to the tall Polish blooger at least twice. At that time I suggested that this maybe a good time to leave. [singlepic id=3257 w=700 h=800 float=center] Chairs at the Scion booth feature extra strong design as the press conference was scheduled right after lunch. [singlepic id=3258 w=700 h=700 float=center] This is the stuff that turns a generic Lexus an amazing F model. They need more stuff. [singlepic id=3245 w=700 h=800 float=center] Volkswagen had Beatle-shaped couches. At least I thought they were couches. I don’t know how the hell someone is suppose to sit on these hipster/modern things. Perhaps these were tables? But then they seemed very low. But there were iPads attached to them. I don’t know. [singlepic id=3251 w=700 h=800 float=center] Refueling station at Kia. Green diet iced tea, don’t try it. [singlepic id=3252 w=700 h=800 float=center] Costs of everything were mind boggling. Why the F did Chevy need all those cameras pointing at their Camaro I do not know. Why can’t cars just speak for themselves?

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