1974 Fleetwood: Making It Right

Okay, okay, I screwed up. Earlier today, I posted a 1967 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 limousine. I failed to track down the discrepancies that were evident in the simplistic description on the dash of “Cadillac Sixty”, and failed to realize that it was, in fact, a Fleetwood instead, chalking the differences up to an aftermarket limousine conversion. And you lot took me to task on it. 

As it turns out, I was horrendously wrong. It turns out, according to a great deal of Googling, that the Fleetwood 75 is on the GM “D-body” platform. This was a stretched version of the “C-body” platform, used for the Cadillac Sixty. The Fleetwood 75 was, basically, a modified Cadillac Sixty, which was bodied by Cadillac Fleetwood on a stretched platform. So really, when you think about it, I wasn’t that wrong. I just had the name wrong, and assumed it was an aftermarket conversion, not an in-house conversion. Okay, I’m grasping here, but the cars are similar enough I think you can understand my confusion. Also, the Wikipedia articles are garbage, so someone should go in and clean those up.

In the conversation that ensued, however, pj134 pointed out the sheer massiveness that was the later 1974 Fleetwood 75. As a strange coincidence, that is almost exactly the car that happens to be for sale in New Westminster, BC, for the remarkable price of $9900.

The seller of this car clearly has an eye for photography, and it certainly seems that that level of obsession extends to the maintenance of the car. It looks immaculate. The seller claims 65,000 miles, which is a claim that is hard to deal with. That’s low mileage for a car of this vintage, but it’s so immaculate we can believe it. When I saw this particular beast, I forwarded the advertisement to CaffeineFuelled for her consideration; she pointed out that we would have to move two cars out of our garage just to make it fit, and in fact she’s right. This is the shorter Fleetwood Brougham, not the Fleetwood 75, so it wouldn’t be quite as bad, but it’s still a massive car. The Fleetwood 75 measures over 250 inches, and would be coming dangerously close to being the same length as our Cooper S and Corrado… combined; this measures only a positively-compact 233 inches. Still, with the ubiquitous Cadillac 472 under the hood, it would probably use about as much fuel as the two cars combined. It would make for one hell of a comfortable road-trip vehicle though.

Years ago, my cousin and his best friend pooled their resources and purchased a car almost identical to this. They then embarked on a road trip in it, driving from Victoria, BC, all the way down the American west coast, across to Texas and Florida, back up to the Canadian Maritimes, and back across the entire breadth of Canada. It cost them a fortune in gasoline, even in those earlier days of much cheaper fuel, but the ride was so comfortable they felt it worth the sacrifice. That story does tempt me, I’m not going to lie.

Should any of you choose to snap up this particularly beautiful beast, you have to make sure that your road trip includes my particular corner of Canadia.

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