1965 Mercedes Benzamino Inspires Junkyard Quest

1965 Junkyard BenzaminoThis is a picture of a 1965 Mercedes Benz 220 station wagon (or possibly sedan) at the Newark, CA Pick-N-Pull. You now know what I know. However, I’ll be stopping by tomorrow to take advantage of their 4th of July weekend sale and I will investigate further.

Care to speculate what this thing was or where it came from? It really has the look of the hacked up vehicles one finds in war-torn failed states. Those folks know what lasts and what doesn’t, and an ancient MB will outlive its owners if treated well. I’m hoping some junkyard archaeology will reveal if this was an enterprising farmer’s sheep hauler or some stupid art car from Burning Man.

Found courtesy of the craigslist-for-people-who-want-something-below-the-bottom-rung: Row52.

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