1965 Galaxie 500 in Mint Condition — or "Mint Condition"

I should almost tag this as "Parking Masters" as well, for that epic parking job.
We spotted this lovely Galaxie 500 for sale recently, and it’s a perfect case of an unmotivated seller. From the description, to the price, to the simple fact that reality doesn’t quite seem to tie in with the seller’s description, one can safely assume you’re not going to get a great deal on this car. This car is, if memory serves me since the photo didn’t turn out, for sale for $12,000. That seems like a decent price until you start reading the description. The seller says that it is in “Perfect, Mint Condition” with the exception of a few little details. Well hang on there, Sparky. It’s one or the other. He also claims that there is “no rust”. A quick, cursory visual inspection (meaning I looked at the car) showed spots of rust around the rocker panels and around all the wheel-wells. The seller said that the chrome was perfect, but it was pitted and cracked in spots. Oh, and the entire trunk is showing a delightful patina that appears to have been spray-bombed over with red primer. It may be one of the best examples of a seller viewing the car through rose-coloured glasses I’ve stumbled across. What say you, Hoons? What’s the best example of Current Owner Optimism you’ve ever stumbled across?

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