$117 per cylinder

Maybe the 928 is a little too harsh for your tastes. Maybe you’re looking for smooth. Nothing oozes smoothness more than a 12 cylinder Jaaaag. At $117/cylinder, you can afford plenty of weekends in the countryside with your wife or girlfriend (or both!).
[Update: now it’s down to $1200 ($100/cylinder!) and the price is still flexible.]


Ok, so this isn’t a slam-dunk. You’ll have to get a little dirty before you can get your cad on. Per the seller:

There’s 3 reasons i’m selling this car so cheap. 1. IT NEEDS DIFFERENTIAL WORK. Something about a spider gear in the differential is what the mechanic told me. 2. Car need an ignition. 3. I need to sale now. Price is flexible. Engine runs great.start right up with no hesitation. Runs smooth and strong. Engine alone is worth over $1500 as is. Clean body, no major dents or dings interior is ok. Like new tires with original chrome rims. Car has all original chrome pieces. This is a great deal for either some one who needs parts or some one who has about $700-$1000 to put into it to make it like new.

Good news on the diff is that Jaguar used the ubiquitous Dana 44 in the XJS, meaning it shouldn’t be nearly as bad as any other European sports car to get repaired. Ignition? Not clear if we’re talking about an ignition switch or some Lucas-sourced engine part.

The trunk has room for 3 weekend bags…

Nonetheless, a totally-not-firm $1400 asking price is a decent cost of admission to a world of buying spark plugs in bulk.
Get it while it’s hot: Craigslist LA.

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  1. Bret Avatar

    While this screams LeMons, I think it would make a lovely daily driver. A simple diff swap or fix and you’re just down to ignition fettling. Personally, I’d install a MegeJolt lite jr and run it in crankfired glory. The add has been pulled, so maybe the fellow has come to his senses.
    It smells fresh in here, not musty and stale like over in Jalopistan…

  2. Armand4 Avatar

    Last year, I tried to get an XJ-S prepped for LeMons. By race day(s), the whole enterprise had become a swirling vortex of Fail, but the car itself was mighty fine. XJ-Ss are surprisingly tough cars, except for the Lucas stuff, and a nice one is a treat to drive on the highway. Diffs are available all over the place in wrecked XJ6s (though only the XJ-S has the Powr-Lok limited-slip) and ignition problems can be solved by an XR700 ignition system, available for about $150 at Moss Motors.

  3. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    Three times the cylinders I have now, for not much more money than I paid for Violet? Damn. I have no regrets!
    If I had a workshop, a lift, a better multimeter, and five grand available to me, though…

  4. small_e Avatar

    The Salisbury diff in the Jag wasn’t exactly a Dana 44, since the ring gear bolts used metric threads instead of the Dana’s imperial threads, but otherwise the internal parts are all supposed ot be interchangable, so if a full internal swap is in order, the Dana guts should work out fine.
    I will dispute the seller’s assertion that the engine is worth $1500, since I’ve got one out of an ’83 XJ-S that I paid $1000 for including transmission, as well as a pre-HE out of a ’77 that I picked up for $250 (also with transmission, but the iron BW 3-speed).
    I’ve got a really clean open-diff 2.88 rear end out of an ’83 XJ6 for which I spent $200, and a Powr-Lok (I can’t recall the ratio off-hand, but it’s over 3:1)for which I spent $100, but it needs the rotors replaced.
    With all that said, even though I spent only $500 on my ’87, and it had none of this one’s axle maladies, I did need to add tires right away, and that got me up neer the $1000 mark, and my car being originally from the northeast has rust issues that don’t appear to be present on this car. If it were closer to me, I’d buy it, if only because I’ve already got all of the bits ot make it work, and even if I had to pilfer parts from my current ride, the solid shell of this one makes the work to fix the mechanicals worthwhile.

  5. BigRed Avatar

    Ever since seeing that one El Camino-ized version of an XJS, I’ve always wanted to make one and then throw in some American V8 (probably an LSx engine) and a six speed manual. It would have the class of a Jaguar, the practicality of a truck and the power of a muscle car. Sadly, that will probably either a), never happen or b), have to wait a few years. Most likely “a,” but I prefer to dream about “b.”