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Encyclopedia Hoonatica: This Volvo power steering pump is amazing

Here’s something new I learned this morning… the electric power steering pump out of certain Volvo models is the perfect addition to a project car. Specifically, a project car in need of a power steering solution. That’s because it’s a self-contained unit you can mount anywhere, then power up, run your hoses, and voila, you have a vehicle that’s now more comfortable to drive.

The pump in question comes from 2003 to 2013 Volvo models. Typically it’s found on the C30, C70, S40, and V50, according to this listing. Prices are all over the map on this part, from under $200 to some folks on eBay asking closer to a grand. It seems like you could pretty easily scoop one up at a junkyard, though, or just scour the internet to find one priced to sell.

Once you do, you take the pump and mount it up. Since it doesn’t need to sit on the rack itself, you could theoretically mount it anywhere. In the video below, the builder mounts it in the trunk. Then supplies power to the unit. After that, it’s a matter of getting hoses from the steering rack to the pump. Since this is in the trunk, the lines can run down under the car along the frame rails. Once everything is bolted up, you’re ready to rock.

Did you already know about this? Am I very late to the party on this one? I only learned this via a thread on Twitter, so sometimes the cursed bird site IS useful:

Are there any other parts you would add to a list of wonderful for project car builds? Sound off below.

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2 responses to “Encyclopedia Hoonatica: This Volvo power steering pump is amazing”

  1. banovsky Avatar

    ALL credit here goes to my ex-Volvo mechanic friend 😉 I don’t know how they actually hold up under this kind of use but the part itself is a gem.

  2. LOLBeans Avatar

    It is so impressive